Affordable Vehicle Rental
providing affordable & reliable long-term rental vehicles
Affordable Vehicle Rental is a service-based business, and as such, we know very well that we're nothing without our happy, satisfied customers. Because of this, our rentals work just like a lease, except at the end of our rental term you get to keep the vehicle. Unlike a lease, however, you can get out of it or change vehicles for any reason at any time, only depending on availability. For example, if you started with a large SUV but realized parking in the city is horrendous and you can't fit that beast anywhere and decided to switch to a sedan, that's not a problem. Alternatively, if you started with a small sedan but then realized you needed more room for your growing family, go ahead and upgrade. You can switch your vehicles at any time for whatever reason.

Our vehicles are rented on a long-term basis in 6 month intervals. If you are happy after the first interval, we renew for another 6 months and so on. If you stick with the same vehicle long enough, it becomes your vehicle (please refer to the Rent-To-Own Section below for more details). We always go above & beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction, however, if for any reason you're not completely happy, we finish off the current interval and go our separate ways. If you don't want to finish your current interval and just want to return the vehicle immideately, you may do so with no questions asked for a small early cancellation fee. We do, however, sincerely hope you'll give us a chance to make everything right, because again, we're nothing without our satisfied customers.

security deposit
When you come pickup your desired rental vehicle, we will check it out together to make sure it's exactly what you're looking for. Once we confirm it's the right vehicle for your needs, we collect a completely refundable $500 security deposit before we have you on your way. This is to ensure the vehicle stays in the great shape it's in, and should something unpredictable happen, the deposit may be used to help take care of anything that may occur.

It's great that we never have to verify anyone's credit or income, right?! Well, the way we're able to do that is we've partnered with the best insurance company that's able to provide us with the great policies we require to cover absolutely anything that may happen. Once you approve your new wheels, we'll set you up with our agent who will get you a policy to cover your new vehicle. It's just like if you were leasing the car, you're responsible for the insurance. Your insurance payments will come to our office along with your rental payments every month. Our office, in turn, will pay for your policy directly, ensuring it won't accidentally expire so the vehicle stays covered at all times.

maintenance & repairs
Before offering any of our vehicles to our clients, they go thru our full extensive inspection, and in case they need any repairs, our highly-qualified mechanics go to work to make sure your new vehicle is in tip-top shape. Once you have your vehicle, it must be brought to our shop every 3 months for an oil change and inspection. Besides that, you would also be responsible for the regular maintenance of the vehicle, just like a lease. This includes such items as battery, light bulbs, tires, etc. We will go over the details when you come to pickup your vehicle, but if you've owned a car before, this should come as no surprise.

Outside of the regular maintenance, there are, of course, some repairs that will need to be done from time to time. Vehicles these days last forever, but they won't last long if you neglect the repairs. When any maintenance and/or repairs are needed, it must be taken care of immediately in our shop. Our mechanics will make sure only the highest quality parts are used to keep our vehicles running like new forever, or at least as long as possible. As far as the non-maintenance repair costs are concerned, you are only responsible for 50% of them. We cover the other half. No lease will do that for you. You will be fully aware of what repairs are needed, and when we finish, we will show you the final bill and you will only have to pay half! If the repair will take some time, just come drop it off and we'll take care of everything. On top of that, we'll do our best to set you up with another vehicle to drive until your repairs are finished, depending on availability.

rent - to - own program
Our Rent-To-Own Program is simple. Just like a leased car, you have to stick with the same vehicle for the entire 5 year term. However, unlike a leased vehicle, it becomes yours free & clear at the end of the term. No pay-offs, no fees, nothing. We will just transfer the title of YOUR new vehicle to your name, and refund your deposit. It doesn't get much better than that!